Canada 150 Medal Nomination Form

Canada 150 Medal Nomination Form

To commemorate Canada’s 150th Anniversary on July 1st, 2017, Randy Hoback, MP will be accepting nominations for a Canada 150 Medal. A total of 150 medals will be given throughout our electoral district. This medal serves to honour the service and achievements of individual Canadians.

The Canada 150 medals are a tangible way to recognize and thank individuals who have made outstanding contributions to our community and country. Randy wants to award these medals to those who are not normally recognized for their role in our
community, the unsung heroes who make an impact without expecting the fanfare. Whether it’s a grandmother who is the heart of a community, a piano teacher, a hardworking volunteer, artists, athletes and builders of sport, historians, veterans and more.

Some suggestions for nominees: youth leaders, community or family leaders, not-for-profit volunteers, business leaders. This is a non-partisan medal and will not be awarded to politically active figures.

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